Saturday, 9 December 2017

Mrs Su'a is our Princi - PAL!

Above: Room 17 chowing down with Mrs Su'a.

Room 17 won an art competition at the Trentham School Track- a- Thon. Our prize was a special morning tea with Mrs Su'a. We wrote some questions to ask Mrs Su'a. At the morning tea there was yummy food to eat with Mrs Su'a. We had Twisties, cupcakes, fairy bread, popcorn and lollies. I had a lot of fun with Mrs Su'a.
- Manea Sua, Yr2.

Above: We worked as a team to paint and hot-glue gun the main board.
Above: Room 17 students each created a flower that hung in vines under the board.

Aroha nui
Room Seventeen

Sunday, 26 November 2017

A visit from Fergusson Intermediate

Earlier in the year, some students from Fergusson Intermediate visited us. They wanted to know what kind of picture books we liked and what we would want to read about. Back at school, they created their very own picture books and dedicated them to us! Today they returned to share their awesome stories. We were so lucky that we even got to keep the books! After that we got to play some fun games in the sunshine. Thanks so much for your visit Fergusson Intermediate.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Number Ninjas

Weka Hub teachers have been taking part in an inquiry into our mathematics teaching practice. As a part of this we have had our Number Ninjas group running for over a term now. 

Above: Weka Hub's Number Ninjas

Last week the Number Ninjas had a evening where we celebrated their achievement success. The Number Ninjas' whanau came too. We are all very proud of the 'fast learning' they have done over the last term. It was awesome to see Weka students running workshops and sharing their learning!

Here are some photo's from the evening:

Aroha nui

Weka Hub

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Play pod fun!

We are lucky to have the Activation Play Pod at Trentham School for a few weeks! There is a trailer load of equipment for us to explore. Here are some shots of Room 18 playing and experimenting with all the fun stuff!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

WOW - Nature Club's World of Waste tour!

The Nature Club had such a fantastic day on the World of Waste tour yesterday! We started our trip at the Silverstream Landfill to see where all our waste ends up. Then we went to Earthlink and saw all the things that they had rescued from the landfill to be fixed, re-purposed and sold at the Earthlink shop. After that we went to the Dowse Art Museum and learnt about how Maori lived in a sustainable way with natural resources like harakeke clothing and seaweed drink bottles! Our final stop was at the Waste Management Recycling depot where we saw how glass bottles, paper and cardboard were sorted before being sent to Auckland. Thanks so much to Kirsty, Sharon, Star and Jane for coming along and helping out!

Silverstream Landfill


Copper to be sold

Curtains salvaged from the landfill 

The Earthlink shop

Dowse Art Museum

Turning flax into fibres!

Getting weighed like the recycling trucks - we weighed more than a tonne!

Inside a shipping container

What a great day!